About ARATIShea

Shea butter was not known in Europe before the seventeenth century. The tree has been called the “God Send” to the people of Africa. Found in the African Savannah, the tree is long-lived, fruiting only once a year, and developing the “Karite” nut. Africans hand-pick the nuts, then extract the oil by boiling it and finally refining the product into the ‘Shea butter’. It grows in the wild in 19 countries across the African continent.

ARATIShea Agenda

New Shea Application development
 Shea Plastics and Compounding.
 Shea conversion into chemicals, solvents, and fuels.
 Nutritional value and characterization...

Improve shea Bio-processing
 Design and fabrication of new Shea manufacturing equipment for improved extraction
 Crushing, milling, extraction and processing protocols.
 Standardized Shea quality protocols....

What We Offer

ARATIShea offers specific certification for practitioners with varying levels of experience:
1. Shea Quality Management Certification I (SQM)
2. Shea Quality Management Certification II (SQM)
3. Shea Quality Management Certification III (SQM)
4. Shea Master Trainer Certification
5. Certified Shea Technician
6. Shea Agro-forestry certification
7. Shea Export Finance certification
8. Sustainable logistic and export certification
9. Natural Formulation, Perfumery and Quality certification
10. Shea Production and Trade certification
11. ICT Business-to-business (B2B) certification.

ARATIShea Programs/Awards

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